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Australian designed and built, the Winjeel trained our Cold War pilots of the Army, Navy and Air Force in the '50's, '60's and '70's, including pilots who flew in the Viet Nam war.

A sturdy training aircraft well suited to aerobatics, it is powered by a Pratt & Whitney 'Wasp Junior' radial engine, producing 450 horse power.

Unlike many other warbirds, it can carry two passengers at once, and an excellent view is to be had from its large cockpit canopy.

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cac winjeel

British open-cockpit monoplane, this now extremely rare aircraft was impressed into RAAF service during the dark and desperate days of early World War II, where it was used as a trainer and liaison aircraft.

Lovingly restored over a six-year period, the Moth Minor provides the thrills and views of an open cockpit.

de havilland moth minor

A Chinese trainer used by their Naval Air Force, the Nanchang is built like a tank and beautiful to fly.

Featuring tandem canopies and retractable landing gear, the streamlined design gives it high performance and excellent aerobatic capabilities.

nanchang cj-6